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Super Death first trial: Super Death has errupted a Volcano in Super City. Will you have what it takes to put the fire out before it consumes all of super city?
Location Info
Level Required: 1-5
Location: /join volcano
Exits to: Death Gate
Shops and NPCs
  • Extra Firepower Shop
  • Extra Icepower Shop
  • NPCs:
  • Arctikiller
  • Hottica
  • Missions and Monsters
  • Lava Bad!
  • Lava Monsters
  • More Lava Monsters
  • Trying Something Creative
  • Run-for-Muck
  • Plug it in, PLUG IT IN!
  • Plan C
  • Making a Difference
  • The Right Direction
  • Down the Obvious Path
  • Too Hot to Handle
  • The Mouth of the Volcano
  • Meet the Threat
  • Rhyolite Crabs
  • Dacite Scorpions
  • Andesite Blobs
  • Summoning the Beast
  • Returning to the Beast
  • Monsters:
  • Andesite Blob
  • Cinder Bender
  • Dacite Scorpion
  • Frantic Yergling Tag-rare.png
  • Igneous Crab
  • Igneous Glob
  • Igneous Scorpion
  • Rhyolite Crab
  • Super Death Mall
  • Notes