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Hello there! This guide will help you level up/rep up fast/ get gold fast, in the process known as farming, or repeatedly defeating a monster or doing a quest that you think gives you high exp/rep/gold to get exp/rep/gold. This guide gives you ideas on how to farm! Anybody can edit this guide, so, uh, go ahead :P And Battle On!

Gold Quests

Name: Luigi DaVinci Location: Main Street Quest: Mandatory Supplies This quest involves defeating the Store Door once, located a screen to the right of Luigi DaVinci. You will get 133 gold each time. (100 for the quest, 33 for the monster)

Gold Farming

Monster: Destroyer Location: Main Street Defeat this thing until it drops the Danger Claw. The Danger Claw sells for 3500 gold, which makes this probably the best place to farm for gold right now.

EXP Quests

Do the Camera SMASHING Spree! mission from Demolicious, keep the mission window open and repeatedly kill 10 Rewired Cameras on the city hall roof, and turn in the mission. Each turn in gives 100exp 42gold and 200 Good Reputation.

EXP Farming

Basically kill any monster, as they are all level 1 and give 11 XP (except for the cameras, which give 0) preferably killing them in The Park and then turning in the drops for more exp and gold.

Rep Quests

You can earn Good Reputation from the Camera SMASHING Spree! mission from Demolicious by going on the city hall roof and repeatedly killing the two cameras while keeping the mission window open to turn in and accept the mission. 42gold, 100exp, and 200 Good Reputation are your rewards each time. The easiest way to get Evil Reputation is by doing the Mandatory Supplies Mission from Luigi DaVinci. Simply go to screen on the right and kill the Store Door once to complete the Mission. 100gold 30exp and 250 Evil Reputation are your rewards each time, not counting the 33gold and 11exp from killing the Store Door