Urn his Respect

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So. You've successfully completed all of Death's trials. You accepted quest after quest and just kept on goin', no matter how ridiculous they were. And now you've got a nice hunk of Shadow Rep to show for it.

Yeah, I guess you can say I'm impressed. But if you really want to earn his respect, you're going to have to fight him! Talk to Death at the Deathgate and challenge him.

That's right. Prove your worth to him first hand by defeating him in battle… if you've got the guts! Mwahahaha!
Mission Info
Prerequisites: None
Location: Twi (Deathitude)
Member Only? Yes
Required for Mission Completion
Turn In:
Defeated Un Death x1 
Dropped by Un Death
Mission Rewards
Total Fame: 300 Fame
Total Experience: 300 Exp
Total Reputation: 1000 Shadow Reputation
Item(s) Won: