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This template can be used for weapons.



What you should put in each field:

 |Desc=    The in-game description of the weapon. If none, leave blank.
 |Image=   Image of the Weapon. If none, use ImageNeeded.png
 |Type=    The type of Weapon. (Axe, Gun, Shield, or Sword)
 |Level=   The Level Required to purchase/use the weapon. (Defaults to 1)  
 |Loc=     The Location of the weapon. (Format: [[Shop Name]] ([[Area Name]]) or Dropped by [[Monster Name]] or Reward from [[Mission Name]] mission) 
 |Member=  Member Only? (Yes/No)
 |Price=   The price of the weapon. (Defaults to 0)
 |Sell=    The sellback price of the weapon. (Defaults to 0)
 |Notes=   Any additional notes. (Defaults to None.)