Slimylizer (Evil)

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Hmm. Just beating on all of the slimes doesn't seem to be very effective. They keep reforming and more keep coming out of the meteor. We need to find a weakness and I THINK I have an Idea on what may help us do that. There is a store here in the mall that sells the Slimylizer. Go buy me a Slimylizer and give it to me.

Mission Info
Prerequisites: Completion of Spoiled Eggs
Location: Lokos (Super City Mall)
Member Only? No
Required for Mission Completion
Turn In:
Slimylizer x1 
By the anti-slime store in Super City Mall
Mission Rewards
Total Fame: 100 Fame
Total Experience: 100 Exp
Total Reputation: 200 Evil Reputation, -200 Good Reputation
Item(s) Won:


Can only be done once.