Shearing Shadows

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Ever shear a shadow? Did you even know such a thing was possible? It doesn't make any sense to begin with… But back to the point at hand. My supply of Sheared Shadow Hide is running low, and I need this unique material to craft the shadow swag in my shop. But first, you will need to find some Shadow Shears to remove the hide. Good luck finding that - I don't know ANY hairdresser who would carry Shadow Shears!

So. You think you got what it takes to get me 10 Sheared Shadow Hides? I'll even toss you some Shadow Rep for your hard work - if you succeed, that is. Muwahah.

Mission Info
Prerequisites: None
Location: Twi (Deathitude)
Member Only? No
Required for Mission Completion
Turn In:
Shadow Shears x1 
Beleen's Hair Cuts Shop - (East Main Street)
Beleen's Special Styles Shop (East Main Street)
Sheared Shadow Hide x10 
Dropped by Shadow Burning Scorpion, Shadow Cave Bandit, Shadow Cave Yeti, Shadow Goo Pup, Shadow Lava Crab, Shadow Mutant, and Shadow Slime Collector.
Mission Rewards
Total Fame: 250 Fame
Total Experience: 250 Exp
Total Reputation: 500 Shadow Reputation
Item(s) Won:

Shadow Bomb