Scaredy Civilians

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Humans spook so easily. I don't know where they have all run off to… but it's getting close to feeding time, and I have no opposable thumbs to open my bag of kibble. You see the problem here. So your mission is to figure out what is scaring the humans—and where they all are hiding. Come back to me when you have patrolled the entire Pleasanton Oaks area and have spoken to five scaredy cats.

Mission Info
Prerequisites: None
Location: Deeoohgee (Pleasanton Oaks)
Member Only? No
Required for Mission Completion
Turn In:
Scaredy Cat Found x10 
Click on civilians hiding behind fences
Mission Rewards
Total Fame: 100 Fame
Total Experience: 100 Exp
Total Reputation: None
Item(s) Won:


This mission can only be done once