More "Pirate!" Raiding Pirates!

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This was introduced during a special in-game event, phase, or offer and is no longer available.

Yup they didn't just take speakers, they also smashed up our lights. Ruthless bunch. Would you mind finding some mroe light bulbs for our theater. I'm sure there are some nasty robots around that have some spare bulbs on them. Donations are good wills evidence, I always say.

Mission Info
Prerequisites: None
Location: Dean (Market Street)
Member Only? No
Required for Mission Completion
Turn In:
Pack of Bulbs x12 
Dropped by APB, Antroid, Destroyer, Beetle Basher, DaVinci Killbot and Hacked APB
Mission Rewards
Total Fame: 55 Fame
Total Experience: 100 Exp
Total Reputation: None
Item(s) Won: