Marking your Territory

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In the animal kingdom, the best way to scare off any threat is by marking your territory. Doggies do it ALL the time! And by marking your territory around Pleasanton Oaks, you will be telling the Space Sentinels that NO! THIS IS MY TOWN! MINE! GET YOUR OWN! And if that's not enough, then you make your mark on the intruders themselves. Mark your territory around Pleasanton Oaks by… um… altering: trashcans, fire hydrants, and lampposts, and then mark a few Sentinels for good measure!

Mission Info
Prerequisites: Must have completed the Spacing Out mission
Location: Deeoohgee (Pleasanton Oaks)
Member Only? No
Required for Mission Completion
Turn In:
Marked Territory x4 
Click on nearby trees & houses
Sentinel Marked x5 
Dropped by Space Sentinel
Mission Rewards
Total Fame: 150 Fame
Total Experience: 100 Exp
Total Reputation: 500 Good Reputation, -500 Evil Reputation
Item(s) Won:


Can only be done once