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Super Death last trial takes you to Ingiru to discover a treasure from a long lost civilization. Of course this will be filled with big monsters and traps. Think you can handle it?
Location Info
Level Required: 13-15
Location: /join ingiru
Exits to: Death Gate
Shops and NPCs
  • Ingiru Shop
  • NPCs:
  • Charries
  • Dr. Illinois Johnson
  • Missions and Monsters
  • An Urgent Deterrence
  • Ancient Gateway
  • Bandits Schmandits‎
  • Culling the Competition‎‎
  • Doing it the Hard Way‎
  • Fire Sticks
  • Gem of Loyalty‎‎
  • Gem of Piety‎
  • Gem of Tolerance‎‎
  • Gem of Truth
  • Ingirun Grammar
  • Ingirun Idol‎
  • Light it Up!‎
  • Respect the Prophecy
  • Scout It Out
  • Securely Locked
  • The Basics‎
  • The Truth of Ingiru
  • What does it mean?‎
  • Will it fit?
  • Monsters:
  • Archeologist
  • Cave Bandit
  • Cave Yeti
  • Kahli May
  • Shorty Yergling Tag-rare.png
  • Yergergling Tag-rare.png
  • Notes