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H.A.L. Droid: Holographic Autonimous Logistics Droid

This is a special com center that you will receive at the beginning of the game. This high tech phone system will directly link you to the game. Most new missions, daily missions, and updates will be listed through this device.

General Information

All players are automatically given a H.A.L. Droid when their character is created, and it can be found at any time by clicking the calculator-like symbol in the bottom-right corner of the HeroSmash game screen. The right panel of the H.A.L. Droid features a 12-hour clock that shows your local time (you can click the clock to toggle between showing am/pm or seconds in the right-most section), a battery meter that's always full, and a connection meter that's always at the highest.

Within this panel are links to certain sections of the H.A.L. Droid, that will open up in a much bigger left panel. When you open up your H.A.L. Droid for the first time, you may see only one button, "Mentors," and the Missions screen with all of the missions grayed out except for "A New Smasher is Born!" In order to unlock the full potential of the H.A.L. Droid, you must complete the tutorial missions.

Once you complete "A New Smasher is Born!," the buttons that the H.A.L. Droid shows are as follows (When you move your mouse over the icons, it will toggle a tooltip to show the use of the buttons):

  • News - Shows the latest events for Hero Smash.
  • Missions - Shows missions that are available and their progress.
  • Map - Shows the different areas and lets you access them by clicking on it.
  • Mentors - Will serve you as a guide for your adventures, as well as giving you the latest news in game.
  • Badges - The badges for the achievements you have accomplished in game are kept here.
  • Smash - Opens a screen with different shops.
  • Promo - Shows you the latest promotions for the game.
  • Bank - More space for storing in game items.
  • Add Space - Lets you purchase more inventory and bank space with Smash Coins.
  • Redeem - Opens the window for redeeming Artix points for Membership or Smash Coins.
  • Medals - Show a list of all your PvP medals.

Note : Clicking on one of the buttons will reveal their respective section in the left panel. By default, when opening the H.A.L. Droid, the Smash Promo Missions section opens up with it.

This button will open up the News section, which gives brief information about the latest weekly release. Information shown could include:

  • Promo pictures of the release
  • Some of the newest items
  • A "Play Now!" button to teleport you there
  • Previous/Next buttons for some past weekly releases

This tab lists missions and cutscenes, some of which can only be completed once per day for faction reputation, and others that are part of the HeroSmash storyline.

You can easily tell which faction the missions apply to by checking the symbol next to the button. A blue shield with an H in the center indicates Good missions, and an orange skull indicates Evil missions. Note: The indicators do not appear for A New Smasher is Born!, Aquatian Crysis, or The Corporal Building Saga.

Each of these missions can only be done once per day, but will award reputation for their faction.

Clicking on this button will not show a new section; instead, it will close the H.A.L. Droid and show the world map of HeroSmash. This has replaced the Map button in the lower-right corner of the game screen.

If a button on the map is grey, that corresponding area has not been unlocked. If the button is blue, the corresponding area has been unlocked. This is only applicable to the Tutorial.

If you haven't chosen a mentor yet, or are changing your current mentor, you will be brought to a screen listing all of the mentors in a draggable row. Clicking any of the mentors' pictures will show a little blurb giving information about them, as well as a little quote from them. The following is a list of mentors:

Click "Select" to select the currently-shown mentor as your own.

If you have chosen a mentor, you will be shown four sections.

  • The first section contains the name and a preview of your mentor. You may click the H.A.L. Droid icon to the bottom-right of this section to change your mentor.
  • The section below that will suggest to you a random daily mission you haven't completed that day from the daily mission list (see the Missions tab). If your mentor is Good, Evil missions will be skipped over, and vice versa. Neutral mentors do not show any daily missions.
  • The section below that will suggest to you a mission you haven't completed from the mission list (see the Missions tab).
  • The section on the right of the other three gives general information about the various HeroSmash locations. Member-only mentors will also provide bonus missions through this fourth section.

Heroic Achievements ver.1.0

  • Arctikiller Secrets - Purchased the HeroSmash T-Shirt and verified the code. Unlocks Arctikiller's Shop.
  • Alpha - Must have participated in HeroSmash's Alpha test. Unlocks Alpha Shop.
  • AQW Founder - Must have an AQW Founder account. Unlocks AQW Founder Shop.
  • Founder - Must have purchased a HeroSmash upgrade from April 28, 2011, to May 28, 2011. Unlocks Founder Shop.
  • Dark Vengeance - Must purchase enough HeroSmash upgrades to total $19.95 or more. Unlocks Dark Vengeance Sho.
  • Ultimate - Must purchase enough HeroSmash upgrades to total $49.95 or more. Unlocks The Ultimate Shop.
  • Level 5 - Must achieve Level 5.
  • Level 10 - Must achieve Level 10.
  • Level 15 - Must achieve Level 15.
  • Fame Noob - Must have at least 10,000 Fame.
  • Fame Trainee - Must have at least 100,000 Fame.
  • Fame Superstar - Must have at least 1,000,000 Fame.
  • Good Intentions - Choose to save the girl in Tutorial. You cannot have Evil Intentions if you have this.
  • Evil Intentions - Choose to chase down Mr. Purple in Tutorial. You cannot have Good Intentions if you have this.
  • Aquatian Crysis - Complete the Aquatian Crysis missions (see the Missions tab).
  • Bank Savior - Complete the Corporal Building Saga (see the Missions tab).
  • Chudling Slayer - Defeat Momma Chuds.
  • Friday the 13th - Participated in the Friday the 13th, 2011 event!
  • Master Bagster - Maxed out Inventory spaces.
  • Bank Baron - Maxed out Bank spaces.
  • Helping Hand - Save the little girl's father from the Yercom building. You cannot have Cold Hearted if you have this.
  • Cold Hearted - Ignore the little girl's father from the Yercom building. You cannot have Helping Hand if you have this.
  • King Zong - Complete the Big Trouble in Super City Saga (see the Missions tab).
  • I Survived Death - Defeated Ultimate Super Death in Trials of Super Death: Super Death.
  • PumpCON 2011 - Attended PumpCON 2011 on the 31st of October!
  • Big Yellow Badge - Complete the Yergen's Missions and you get this badge.
  • PvP Founder - Took part in HeroSmash PvP testing before it launches (ends on 12/9/11).
  • PvP Champion - Gain the most score for the entire month in PvP to obtain this badge.

Shop smart shop smash mart

This section "advertises" currently-running promotions/special offers. These are the promotions that are shown in the Promo section:

  • Dark Vengeance - Get a $19.95 Package and unlock the Dark Vengeance Shop.
  • Ultimate Good & Evil - Get a $49.95 Package and unlock The Ultimate Shop.
  • Echo Assault - For a limited time, buy any HeroSmash Package and unlock the special Founder Shop.

This section, when clicked, will open up an interface where you can exchange items between the bank and your inventory.

By default, you will have 0 Bank Spaces available. You can purchase more bank space by going to the Add Space section of the H.A.L. Droid or by clicking the + sign next to the number of spaces in the bank or inventory interfaces.

SmashCoin items, however, are not affected by the Bank Space limit. You can store an unlimited number of SmashCoin items in the bank at no cost.

This section allows you to increase your Bank or Inventory spaces, at the cost of SmashCoins. It can also be accessed by clicking the + sign next to the number of spaces in the bank or inventory interfaces.

When clicking the Redeem button, a dialog box will pop up that will show your current Artix Points, SmashCoins, and expiration date of your VIP Membership, if you have one. Six buttons will also show that will offer immediate in-game redemption of the following upgrades:

VIP Membership

  • Month VIP Membership + 1,000 SmashCoins (4,000 Artix Points)
  • 6 Month VIP Membership + 2,000 SmashCoins (7,000 Artix Points)
  • 12 Month VIP Membership + 5,000 SmashCoins (10,000 Artix Points)
  • 5,000 SmashCoins can be added to any of the above upgrades for an additional 1,000 Artix Points.

SmashCoins (SC)

  • 5,000 SmashCoins (4,000 Artix Points)
  • 12,000 SmashCoins (8,000 Artix Points)
  • 20,000 SmashCoins (10,000 Artix Points)

PVP Medals

  • Soldier of Fortune
  • No Mercy
  • Healer
  • Unstoppable
  • Noob
  • Royale Veteran
  • Charge
  • Rampage
  • Medic
  • MVP
  • Team Veteran
  • Veteran Defender
  • Power King