Franklin Street Apartments

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Franklin Street Apartments
Luigi Davinci has sent his scavenger bots to tear up this apartment complex, the question is: Why?
Location Info
Level Required: 5-10
Location: /join apartment
Exits to: Aurora Park
Franklin Street Apartments.png
Shops and NPCs
Shops: None
  • Salvager Alpha
  • The Manager
  • Missions and Monsters
  • Here to Help
  • With big... pointy... claws?
  • Powerful Opponents
  • Check Please
  • Financial Support
  • Return to HeroSpire
  • Mildly Mannered
  • Undefined Property
  • Weren't you searching?
  • Proxi Remote Control
  • Return to Skull Deep
  • Monsters:
  • Defender APB
  • Scavenger
  • Scrapbot
  • RC Scavenger
  • Notes
  • Azimoff's room number is 303.
  • All rooms that are not locked have checks; some checks are behind monsters.
  • An alternative route to the roof is by flying up from the entrance or using the elevator.