Dr. Illinois Johnson

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Dr. Illinois Johnson
Welcome, my name is Dr. Illinois Johnson and I'm the leading expert on the ancient Ingirun people.

I am trying to unlock the secrets of this ancient race but the promise of treasures unknown has brought tome raiders from around the world!

I must warn you. Our presence here seems to have awaken some ancient evil. I can only assume it will be perilous inside these caves.

NPC Info
Name: Dr. Illinois Johnson
Location: Ingiru
Shop: Dr. Illinois Johnson's Shop
  • An Urgent Deterrence
  • Ancient Gateway
  • Bandits Schmandits‎
  • Doing it the Hard Way‎
  • Fire Sticks
  • Gem of Loyalty‎‎
  • Gem of Piety‎
  • Gem of Tolerance‎‎
  • Gem of Truth
  • Ingirun Grammar
  • Ingirun Idol‎
  • Light it Up!‎
  • Respect the Prophecy
  • Scout About‎
  • Securely Locked
  • The Basics‎
  • The Truth of Ingiru
  • What does it mean?‎
  • Will it fit?
  • Illinoisjohnson.png