Delicate Spell Crafting

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You might think I'm crazy but there is a spell none of us have been able to craft. It is said to steal the very life from your target. The only way to try is to use all four potions when Spell Crafting. It takes a true master to create the Abra Cadavra.

Mission Info
Prerequisites: None
Location: Harriet Popper (Market Street)
Member Only? No
Required for Mission Completion
Turn In:
Energia Potion x1 
Reward from Energia Potion mission
Fuoco Potion x1 
Reward from Fuoco Potion mission
Ghiaccio Potion x1 
Reward from Ghiaccio Potion mission
Veleno Potion x1 
Reward from Veleno Potion mission
Mission Rewards
Total Fame: 50 Fame
Total Experience: 50 Exp
Total Reputation: None
Item(s) Won:
You may also receive, at random: 
Fizzled x10
Abra Cadavra