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The Complete History of the Hero Smash Wiki Clan list.
Records back to: 1st of July 2011
Created: 11th of August 2011


Green = Active.
Cyan = Currently under SysOp Observation. Being warned for breaking a clan rule.
Orange = Unacceptable clan. Not under sysop observation but has broken a rule
Purple = At War.
Red = Deleted.

Clan List


Clan Activity
Clan activity currently is at

The Chaos Carnival
Lead by Clown the Jester

Lead by Mezkiel

Deadly Immortal Enemies
Lead by Big 2

Knights of Darkness
Lead by Nite Rider

Lead by TMC Omega

Lead by the AQW clan Defiance

Clan Creation

Don't forget to check out: Clan Creation Page
If you want to form your own clan!