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STEP RIGHT UP, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIVES! We Are The Chaos Carnival, the fun side of Lore. We are unpredictable, uncontrollable, and all around Uncontainable. We do not accept war requests, unless you have seriously offended a ringmaster, in which case we will have quite a fiasco on our hands! Anywho, we are expanded to HeroSmash and i think EpicDuel, so you can contact us there if you like, but we prefer it in the form of a message on our talk page.


We do not discriminate between man or woman, tall or short, turtle or narwhal, you WILL be accepted. unless we don't feel like it, but hey, that's most likely your problem! As for uniforms, we don't care what it is as long as it is purple.


This is the leader of the Carnival, the head honcho, the one who calls the shots, the one who messes up the shots and blames it on the lackies, the Ring Master!

ClownTheJester !


Not all of them are listed, clown needs to send me the full list soon we currently have a total of 45. UPDATE: clown lost the file, silly little person he is, so we will add anyone who says they are in the carnival!

1. Subject 13

2. Street man

3. War god

4. Oguz

5. Ryanbot

6. Killy

7. Login

8. Gameboy

9. Inaughtyi

10. Sportox

11. Chaos Flames

12. Qyp

13. Fainted

14. Death Touch

15. Enzen

16. Mr. Unity

17. tronicx

18. Drakkos


20. Paulygreen

21. Domako

22. Deathhelix

23. Halo Rookie

24. Nyor

25. Skullrig

26. Mirai Saiyan

27. Master Kage

28. Twilighted

29. Raeven

30. Lord Bossom

31. Storm Raider

32. Achillea

33. Factor X/A Dreamer

34. War pro2

35. Star Screamer

36. 1fire1fire1f

37. AJ Hero

38. Eshaan V

39. Danny MC2011

40. Upgraded Clown

41. T5uIn

42. Alpha John

43. Atlanta-Kidd

44. Smart

45. Puppeh

46. Dakota Kuijer


These oldies have retired for one reason or another, and we still remember all members, past or present. You know, unless they just go inactive, or never really was in the clan, then they're not remembered at all. But we want to stay positive here.

1. War pro2 (RE-JOINED)

2. David Blitz


There is only one important announcement:

No more Ring Masters! Clown has decided to quit that idea. Sorry!

If you missed Achillea's and Factor X's conversation, here it is! Enjoy!:

(that may be true, but she still wants to be called Achie)(Notreally. But he still wants to be called Tic~Fac, Faccy, or Facky)(she really does, despite what she says(Never, Tic~Fac!She eats Tic~Tacs fer..a snack.So I guess She eats you too)(but facky is inedible ;o)(To bad..She wonders what all the members are gonna think when they see this.)(i don't care, they'll probably just assume that it's adding to the chaos, which it really is. i'll probably just delete it in a couple days anyways)(LOL and it's all in my name description. I wanna wait till Clown see's it then we can delete et.)(mmkay. should we delete the talk about us deleting it?)(Naw i think it shows everyone how we battle in an edit thinger, then we talk it over.)(so lemme get this strait, half our conversation s about us deleting it?)(..Yeah but it's cuz were just awesome like that so everyone can suck it up and laugh at our conversation on an edit thingy.:P)(ifi don't get this loced soon someone might come and delete it ;_; i need to do that nao)(Loced?)(locked*)(Teehee)(XD so liek, what do u want to do nao?)(IDk. Eat potatoes)(potatoes are tasty. i like this idea)(IKR im full of them)(ur made of potatoes? NOMNOMNOM)(ATLEAST I'M NOT A TIC~TAC D:....*nomnomz on tic~tac*)(wait, so we r eating eachother? wouldn't it be like a paradox if we were eating eachother's feet up to the head?)(...Ew xD *Grabs chocolate bunny*)(CANNIBAL D:)(IT'S A CHOCOLATE BUNNY..LIKE ON EASTER D:)(yeah, and aren't u a chocolate bunneh? D:)(Nu remember I'm a potato? and yur a tic~tac...What's clown?)(hes a mustache and glasses set, like those funneh lookin ones >:D)(Lol but we cant eay dat D:)(wat)(Da glasses thingy)( oh EAT* eay made me go wat... he's one of those candy things that u think taste like something but taste completely different)(Lol whoops typo. And you mean tha sushi candy or whatever?)(yah, or mystery flavor lolipops)(I love those except when i don't like the flavors :D)(its like a game, except if u win u get a tasty treat XD)(IKR:D)(so bai hottpershun :c)(I Is back! :D)(YAYZ! i need to showa do, i ish stinkeh >.<)(LOL)(otay, i is is a smeckseh collar shirt and feeling clean :D)(Lolz)(XD so wat u wanna do?)(Idk)(wanna be bored together? then maybe we won't be bored ;o)(KK)(X3 so what do u think of shadows sudden hatred?)(He can suck it up and get over et:3)(yesh, but he's liek, not doing anything :o)(He told me to be less annoying, and that he can see why velmur hates me. I said thank you)(Vel doesn't hate you, he's your brother! i mean, i say i hate my sister sometimes, but i always Apologize later on :o)(We get mad at each other then i go somewhere else and he comes and talks randomly to me when im still mad :P)(lolz, that means he's trying to apologize :3. i might has to go soon :o)(Metoo:P)(awwh... i'll definately be back at like 10pm when i go)(lol Clown lost the list. How can you loose a list?:p OMG AGAIN hes unpredictable like those candy things :O)(ikr, i told u XD so liek, we need a clan room... im thinking /join fairgrounds-6666)(Mkk. So liek (ya i took your saying :O) Is Raeven the 4th leader?)(idk :o does u want them to be?)(IDK it's not up to me :P)(has u ever met raeven? :o)( xP)(so liek, whai u think that shes a ringmaster? :o)(Cuz everyone wants her to be a ringmaster....)(hao come i don't know this? :S)(LOL cuz you don't read. you just post)(i read every post... i gotta go back and check)(Teehee:P)(so liek, i went from end to beginning, her one and only post is at the beginning, first post <_>)(LOL no i mean OTHER people want her to be a ringmaster.)(but she's in a another clan <_>)(I think people are gettin mixed up with there clans e.o)(what people tho? i dun see any saying rae should be a ringmaster <_>)(IDk i just remember people saying et :o)(i don't X_X)(You nevar do 8D)(lolz i does has bad memoreh)(Mmhmm dats right)(jur not supposed to agree wif me ;_;)(Blahblahblahblahblahhh)(I thought you stopped ./editing :o)(Nevar)(./edit! [in hope that carly sees this, which is unlikely, but whatever.])(I did. Suck dat.)(only after i told you >:3)(Nuh uh i was looking for this anywayz.)(Yeah, but potato<3 you asked me for it instead of looking jurself ;_;)