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The Revengers


We are a new clan that focuses on mercenary work. This would mean that someone would contact us and then we would send a member of our clan to assasinate the person in a 1 versus 1 match. We would also help you do quests.

The Members

Cybertron v99-Lord of Revenge;Level 8Cybertron v99 Character Page
Nicholasg1013- Teacher of Revenge;Level 12Nicholasg1013 Character Page
Pizzafinn09-Teacher of Revenge;Level 10Pizzafinn09 Character Page
Bayt Masster-Revenger;Level 1 Bayt Masster Character Page
LordoftheShadow-Revenger;Level 1Lordoftheshadows Character Page
Outburst496-Teacher of Revenge;Level 20Outburst496 Character Page
Darkras1;Level 20-RevengerDarkras1 Character Page
Fire Rashanti; Level 13-RevengerFire Rashanti Character Page
Deathsservant; Level 1-RevengerDeathsservant Character Page

How to Join

To join The Revengers you must be able to solo the antimatter and show a decent amount of skill.You also must be a level five or a level 1 V.I.P.. Then you must find a member of the clan who will then give you further instructions. The other way may be the hardest of all!Asking

e-mail me, nicholasg1013 at you must tell me what level you are if you are good or bad and other special qualifications i should know about, like if your a V.I.P or a alpha founder.

Important you can only be taken into the clan on Thursdays for if you want to join to become a teacher or rank up yo must complete tasks that teachers of revenge give you

Clan Ranks

Lord of Revenge-This rank is given exclusively to the creator of The Revengers,Cybertron v99.

Teacher of Revenge-This is given to members who show skill and merit.They are also given a apprentice to help to rank up.

Apprentice of Revenge-A promising Revenger who shows considerable skill. Apprentices are given a Teacher of Revenge that helps them rank up.

Clan Moderator-Can invite and remove members.

Clan Recruiter-Can recruit members.

Revenger Assasin-You are the elite main assasins all requests go to you.

Revenger-A member of The revengers

Sudra-These are the lowest of the low.

Clan Meetings

Every Thursday and Tuesday at 8:00PM. Please meet at antimattar abnormality boss room-1. We will discuss clan related topics.

A new task will be given out every 3 weeks for our members so that they can rank up!The first task is every Thursday at 7:30 pm for all members meet at the Chuddling in the Sewers at the Mama Chudds boss room. If youwant to become a clan recruiter talk to a teacher of revenge at the boss room for further details!
If you want to become a revenger assasin you meet at 7:30 Tuesdays at the ingiru boss room doing Yergens shorty yerglings mission and meet me by the boss the big Mama Yergling ask a teacher of revenge for more details! Clan Attire

We do not require any specific clothes. We prefer that you where shadow cloths or anything darker coolers at the meetings say "Revengers forever".

Clan Alliances

We do not currently have any alliances.
Another famous quote we say "People before Power..."

Honorable Mentions

Nicholasg1013 and pizzafinn09 just beat super death and ultimate super death! Congratulations!!!!!
Outburst496 and Darkras1 became a level 20 this week! congratulations!!!
Nicholasg1013 became a level 12 this week! Congratulations!!!
FIRE RIRS became a level 13 this week!

We have no affilation with Marvel Inc. or any of its subsidaries or parent companies.