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Knights of darkness.png
Swords crossed.gif
We have vows that must be done. You must always help others who are in need of assistance no matter what level they are or how difficult the enemy is. You must always be a trustworthy, honest, and loyal member of the clan.‎

How to join.png
To join, you must find me on HeroSmash. Another way to join is emailing me at

Clan Meetings.png
Clan meetings are where we discuss new things to be added to the clan. All clans meetings are at:




Time:3:00 P.M. EST‎

Clan Rights.png
Clan Leader: can do anything they want with the clan.

Vice Leader: Does everything the Clan Leader does when the clan leader is absent. When the leader is not absent the Vice Leader gets the responsibilities of the Clan captain.

Clan Promoter:Can promote clan members up to the rank captain.

Clan Captain: Can make clan meetings, invite clan members, make clan alliances and remove members.

Clan Moderator:Can invite members, and remove members.

Clan Recruiter: can invite members.

Clan Members.png
Nite Rider-Clan Leader-Founder



cool moon43-Apprentice


Fire Strom-Apprentice

Clan Alliances.png

Clan Ranks.png
Founder- This rank is only given to the creator and founder of the clan, Nite Rider.

Lord-This rank is awarded to anyone who is in the main chain of command.

Protector-This is awarded to anyone who has done something for the clan to keep it away from hackers.

Tactical adviser-This is given to anyone who has come up with a good idea for the clan or a plan to fight a boss with.

Knight-This is given to the strongest of the clan who have proven them self worthy.

Master-These are members of the clan that have been approved to help any other members of the clan. They are assigned an apprentice to help rank and level up.

Apprentice-These are any new members to the clan. They stay apprentices until they are able to defeat a higher level boss and move up in rankings.

Serfs-These are the lowest of the low. If you have disobeyed the clan leader, broken any rules, or have been seen not full filling your vows then you will become a serf and have to start all your ranking over.