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Creating a Bio-Synthesis Sample will require reagents from all across SuperCity, and one from the future. A Bio Strengh Cell from Demolicious, a Bio Intelligence Chip from DaVinci Power Tank, a Combusting Molecule from Cinder Bender, an Evolving Molecule from the Slime Lord and an Corroded Platelets from Blaster Master.

Mission Info
Prerequisites: None
Location: DTU Kiosk (Herospire/Skulldeep)
Member Only? No
Required for Mission Completion
Turn In:
Bio Intelligence Chip 
Dropped by DaVinci Power Tank
Bio Strength Cell 
Dropped by Demolicious
Combusting Molecule 
Dropped by Cinder Bender
Corroded Platelets 
Dropped by BlasterMaster
Evolving Molecule 
Dropped by Slime Lord
Mission Rewards
Total Fame: 600 Fame
Total Experience: 600 Exp
Total Reputation: None
Item(s) Won:
You may also receive, at random: 
Bio-Synthesis Gene