Aurora Park

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Aurora Park
Will you help the evil Luigi Davinci or the brave Demolicious to obtain an extraordinary source of power - the Pandorian Malachite?
Location Info
Level Required: Any
Location: /join park
Exits to: Liberty Square
Shops and NPCs
  • Hero Heart Harry's Shop Tag-rare.png
  • NPCs:
  • Demolicious
  • Luigi DaVinci
  • DaVinci's Gearbot Tag-rare.png
  • Demolicious' Diva Tag-rare.png
  • Hero Heart Harry Tag-rare.png
  • Missions and Monsters
  • A Closer Examination
  • Camera SMASHING Spree!
  • DaVinci's Assistant
  • Demolicious's Assistant
  • Finish It!
  • Get 'em Outta There!
  • Her New Associates
  • Last Resort
  • Mandatory Supplies
  • Pre-emptive Protection
  • Take Down!
  • The Necessary Supplies
  • Monsters:
  • DaVinci Killbot x6
  • Demo Diva x6
  • Hacked APB x4
  • Jetpack Patrolman x4
  • Demolicious (Monster) x1
  • DaVinci Power Tank x1
  • Notes