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Clan Rules and Requirements of the Wiki:

Clan Requirements:

  • DO NOT require a password. The clan will be disbanded on sight.
  • Must have 5 members (One week grace periods for new clans)
  • Must remain active (At least two productive edits by a normal user monthly)
  • Names must not promote inappropriate behavior.
  • Must not be made for the sake of having a clan.(Meaning no clan-group for friends, etc.)
  • Must include a member list. It is so much harder to determine whether a clan meets requirements when a SysOp has to go to a clan's forums.
  • Must have basic information: who we are, how to join, why join us, etc.
  • Clans cannot restrict possible members joining based on items that are no longer obtainable or on numbers of possible members
  • Cannot lead or be a leader of two seperate clans. Anyone doing so will get their clan (or clans depending on the situation) an instant disband.
  • Getting someone to edit or make a clan for you may also result in a clan disbandment (if you cannot edit/make a clan yourself, then you obviously do not have the capabilities to maintain it)

Clan Rules of Conduct:

  • No flaming, harassing, or insulting other clans.
  • No calling Clan Wars unless there are valid reasons.
  • Clans will be held responsible for a clan member who breaks these rules. Clan will be disbanded if above rules are broken.
  • No whining to restore a clan. Please professionally ask the SysOp who disbanded your clan to restore it.
  • No flaming a SysOp if your Clan Restoration Request is turned down.
  • No advertising your clan on the wiki.
  • All alliances are to remain on clan pages only (no creation of seperate pages for "group alliances")

Clan Names are not Allowed to use the following:

  • AE / Artix Entertainment
  • AQW / AQ / Adventure Quest Worlds / Adventure Quest
  • DF / Dragonfable
  • MQ / Mechquest
  • AQ / Adventure Quest
  • ED / Epicduel
  • Bladehaven
  • Herosmash
  • Number of Members
  • Special Characters
  • Numbers must be in form of words. Ex: 5 must be in form Five, 13 must be in form Thirteen
  • Words such as: "Join Now!!", "Be a Part of us", etc.
  • Inappropriate Languages
  • Any kind of Advertising

Clan Page Specifications:

  • Your clan page may not break the wiki layout.
  • Your clan page must abide by all other rules of the wiki.

Clan Restoration Request Form:

  • User Name:
  • Clan Name:
  • SysOp Who Disbanded It:
  • Date Disbanded:
  • Reason Why You Want It Restored:
  • Reason Why You Think It Was Disbanded:
  • Date Request Send:

Post this form here to have your request considered. DO NOT REQUEST NEW CLANS HERE.

Clans who don't follow these rules will be disbanded. If disbanded, you can find and submit a clan restoration via the form on the next page. Use the form exactly is it appears. Copy and paste it. Do not rewrite it yourself. Place the request in the page category linked. It will be ignored if put anywhere else.

Clan Formatting:

Make sure you add the Clan: prefix to your clan's page name before making it. E.g. A clan named 'Mooing Moo Clan' would be made as 'Clan:Mooing Moo Clan' not 'Mooing Moo Clan'. Also, please do not create your clan under the User: category, or the User Talk: category. E.g., if 'User: MooCow' was the leader of 'Clan:Mooing Moo Clan', 'MooCow' would create it as 'Clan:Mooing Moo Clan', not 'User:MooCow' or 'User Talk:MooCow'.

Clan Wars:

Clan Wars should be informed of here. The Clan system helps clans to keep track of wars that are happening. There are alot of unknown clan wars out there. Many of which are great conflicts.

Clan Protection:

Clan Protection requests can be made here. Follow the rules and the standard format before applying.

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